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Individual Accounts

The following questions are described here:


  • For Whom?

  • It is open for all. You just need a valid email address.

  • What are the features?

    1. You just need a valid email address to have an account.
    2. A mail will be sent to the email containing a link. You have to click that link to activate your account.
    3. You can buy airtime using your credit card. Once you have bought balance, you can recharge any number using the balance.
    4. You can check recharge history for a time period by ‘Recharge History’ button. You can also see their status( successful, submitted and failed.)
    5. You can verify single recharge by using the number and verification id given during submission of the request.
    6. You can see account ledger which show transactions(buying airtime and recharge) of your account.

  • What are the cards i can use?

  • You will be able use Visa cards for start. We will introduce Mastercard and paypal soon.

  • What if i forget my PIN and Password?

  • You just have to send us a mail from the email address linked to the account.

  • Can I have more than one account with a email address?

  • No, you can't.